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The University of Liverpool

University of Liverpool computer account (MWS) must be used to register for a Microsoft Imagine account:

Students and Faculty staff of the University of Liverpool can register for a Microsoft Imagine account affiliated with the University.

There are two levels of subscription:

  • Microsoft Imagine-Standard:
    Includes a range of Microsoft software.
    • All full-time STUDENTS are eligible for access to the STANDARD subscription.
    • All STAFF members of academic faculties are eligible for access to the STANDARD subscription.
  • Microsoft Imagine-Premium:
    Giving you access to a broader range of Microsoft software - including a Windows client operating system licence.
    • If you are a also a member of the Faculty of Science and Engineering or the Institute of Learning and Teaching, you will be granted access to the PREMIUM subscription.

If you are a student on an e-learning unit (OHE-Campus) programme, you will not be able to access this scheme through the University of Liverpool.


University of Liverpool Login:

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Please note: at the moment it can take two weeks to process account requests.

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