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.NET Fundamentals

.NET Fundamentals

This course is in preparation for Microsoft exam
.NET Fundamentals: MTA 98-372.

When you undertake this course you will learn:

  • .NET Framework Concepts
    • Understand basic application settings.
    • Understand events and event handling in the .NET Framework.
    • Understand structured exception handling in the .NET Framework.
  • Namespaces and Classes in the .NET Framework
    • Understand .NET class hierarchies.
    • Understand Object Oriented Concepts in the .NET Framework.
    • Understand .NET namespaces.
    • Understand and create class libraries.
    • Understand and use different data types in the .NET Framework.
    • Understand generics.
  • .NET Code Compilation
    • Understand the fundamentals of Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL) and Common Language Infrastructure (CLI).
    • Understand the use of strong naming.
    • Understand version control.
    • Understand assemblies and metadata.
  • I/O Classes in the .NET Framework
    • Understand .NET file classes.
    • Understand console I/O.
    • Understand XML classes in the .NET Framework.
  • Security
    • Understand the System Security namespace.
    • Understand authentication and authorization.
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.NET Fundamentals study guide (PDF)

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