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Database Administration Fundamentals

Database Administration Fundamentals

This course is in preparation for Microsoft exam
Database Fundamentals: MTA 98-364.

When you undertake this course you will learn:

  • Understanding Server Installation
    • Understand how data is stored in tables.
    • Understand relational database concepts.
    • Understand data manipulation language (DML).
    • Understand data definition language (DDL).
  • Creating Database Objects
    • Choose data types.
    • Understand tables and how to create them.
    • Create views.
    • Create stored procedures and functions.
  • Manipulating Data
    • Select data.
    • Insert data.
    • Update data.
    • Delete data.
  • Understand Data Storage
    • Understand normalisation.
    • Understand primary, foreign, and composite keys.
    • Understand indexes.
  • Administering a Database
    • Understand database security concepts.
    • Understand database backups and restore.
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Database Fundamentals study guide (PDF)