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Windows Development Fundamentals

Windows Development Fundamentals

This course is in preparation for Microsoft exam
Windows Development Fundamentals: MTA 98-362.

When you undertake this course you will learn:

  • Identify Windows application types.
  • Implement user interface design.
  • Create Windows-based applications by using Visual Studio.
  • Create Windows Forms applications by using Visual Studio.
  • Understand Windows Forms inheritance.
  • Understand how to create new controls and extend existing controls.
  • Create and handle events.
  • Create a Windows Service application.
  • debug a Windows-based application.
  • Install a Windows Service application.
  • Validate and implement user input.
  • Understand data access methods for a Windows application.
  • Understand databound controls.
  • Understand Windows application deployment methods.
  • Create Windows setup and deployment projects.
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Windows Development Fundamentals study guide (PDF)