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Software Development Fundamentals

Software Development Fundamentals

This course is in preparation for Microsoft exam
Software Development Fundamentals: MTA 98-361.

When you undertake this course you will learn:

  • Core Programming
    • Understand computer storage and data types.
    • Understand computer decision structures.
    • Identify the appropriate method for handling repetition.
    • Understand error handling.
  • Object-Oriented Programming
    • Understand the fundamentals of classes.
    • Understand inheritance.
    • understand polymorphism.
    • Understand encapsulation.
  • General software Development
    • Understand application life-cycle management.
    • Interpret application specifications.
    • Understand algorithms and data structures.
  • Web Applications
    • Understand Web page development.
    • Understand Microsoft ASP.NET Web application development.
    • Understand Web hosting.
    • Understand Web services.
  • Desktop Applications
    • Understand Windows Forms applications.
    • Understand console-based applications.
    • Understand Windows Services.
  • Databases
    • Understand relational database query methods.
    • Understand database query methods.
    • Understand database connection methods.
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