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Learning with IT Academy

  • e-Learning from Microsoft
    You will need a "Windows Live" account - you probably already have one, although it used to be called a "hotmail" account or a "Windows .NET" account.  If you haven't got one, you will be prompted to create one when you do the next step.

    Go to and click on the [Sign in] button located towards the top right of the page.  If you have not got a Windows Live account, you can create one using the [Sign up now] button-link on this page.  When you have a Windows Live account set up, log in with the account's e-mail address and password.

    When you have logged in you will be presented with a page with an "Enter Access Code" section.  Read the "End User License Agreement" and then tick the checkbox to confirm you've read it.

    You will be sent the access code with your IT-Academy regsitration confirmation once you have registered for one of the relevant MTA or MOS courses.  Enter the provided access code the first time you log in to view the learning resources, and interactive labs.  You do not need to re-enter the access-code when you revisit the site - it will be maintained in your Windows Live account.

  • e-Learning from GMETRIX
    You will need to register yourself as a candidate at, please remember that your GMetrix User ID and password are both case sensitive.

    This will give you access to the on-line course material and possiblty some practice tests.  To start with you should use the Courseware link, then enter the GMetrix access code (which will be included in your IT-Academy registration confirmation) to view the on-line course material.

  • On-campus Tutorials
    You may choose to attend a tutorial session, particularly if you feel you would benefit from face-to-face tuition or have questions regarding your IT-Academy course studies.

    These tutorial sessions will be scheduled to take place in one of the Department of Computer Science computer laboratories on Wednesday mornings and afternoons.  The schedule will be advertised on this site once it has been confirmed.  You must pre-book the session you want to attend in order to confirm that the tutorial will take place.

    There is a small fee of £10 for each session to help contribute to the costs.