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Windows Operating System

Windows Operating System Fundamentals

This course is in preparation for Microsoft exam
Windows Operating System Fundamentals: MTA 98-349.

When you undertake this course you will learn:

  • Operating System Configurations
    • Configure Control Panel options.
    • Configure desktop settings.
    • Understand native applications and tools.
    • Understand mobility.
    • Understand remote management and assistance.
  • Installing and Upgrading Client Systems
    • Identify Windows operating system editions.
    • Identify upgrade paths.
    • Understand installation types.
    • Understand virtualized clients.
  • Managing Applications
    • Understand application installations.
    • Understand user account control (UAC).
    • Remove malicious software.
    • Understand services.
    • Understand application virtualization.
  • Managing Files and Folders
    • Understand file systems.
    • Understand file and print sharing.
    • Understand encryption.
    • Understand libraries.
  • Managing Devices
    • Connect devices.
    • Understand storage.
    • Understand printing devices.
    • Understand system devices.
  • Understanding Operating System Maintenance
    • Understand backup and recovery methods.
    • Understand maintenance tools.
    • Understand updates.
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Windows Operating System Fundamentals study guide (PDF)