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Windows Server Administration Fundamentals

Windows Server Administration Fundamentals

This course is in preparation for Microsoft exam
Windows Server Administration Fundamentals: MTA 98-365.

When you undertake this course you will learn:

  • Server Installation
    • Understand device drivers.
    • Understand services.
    • Understand server installation options.
  • Server Roles
    • Identify application servers.
    • Understand Web services.
    • Understand remote access.
    • Understand the file and print services.
    • Understand server virtualization.
  • Active Directory
    • Understand accounts and groups.
    • Understand organizational units and containers.
    • Understand Active Directory infrastructure.
    • Understand group policy.
  • Storage
    • Identify storage technologies.
    • Understand RAID.
    • Understand disk types.
  • Server Performance Management
    • Identify major server hardware components.
    • Understand performance monitoring.
    • Understand logs and alerts.
  • Server Maintenance
    • Identify steps in the startup process.
    • Understand business continuity.
    • Understand updates.
    • Understand troubleshooting methodology.
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Windows Server Administration Fundamentals study guide (PDF)