Microsoft IT Academy Programme

The University of Liverpool, led by the School of Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Computer Science in association with the Computing Services Department, is participating in the Microsoft IT-Academy Programme.  This programme offers comprehensive IT training, resources and certification in a wide range of Information and Computing Technology.

Students may choose to participate in this scheme to gain certification on aspects of their undergraduate degree programme or demonstrate their capability in Information and Computing Technology.

The Department of Computer Science will be offering on-line courses in Network and IT Systems Administration, Software Development, and Database Administration leading to Microsoft Technology Associate certification.  Certification for these courses is achieved by passing Microsoft certification exams (taken within the Department of Computer Science).  Additional training resources and assistance will be provided via workshops and tutorials within the Department of Computer Science at designated times to provide hands-on experience and guidance to help you achieve your potential and prepare for the exam.

Microsoft Technology Associate Programme:
All students (registered for credit bearing courses) and HEFCE funded staff are eligible to participate.  The exam and the on-line learning materials will be provided free of charge, but the supplementary Workshop/Tutorials will incur a small fee for each session to cover staff costs, currently £10.00 per 1 hour session.

Microsoft Office Specialist and Microsoft Certified Professional Programmes:
Anybody can participate, but there are charges for the exam, training materials, and any training sessions. Additional short courses and training is available via our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) website (

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